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Competition Control Committee

Terms of Reference:

  • It shall be responsible for the preparation of an Annual Club Fixtures Programme.
  • It shall publish at the beginning of each season, the complete list of club and county fixtures. (Including dates).
  • It shall be responsible for all the arrangements for games and control of games, under the jurisdiction of the County Committee and any matters arising from same.
  • It shall be responsible for the investigation and processing of matters arising from referees’ reports, breaches of rules or Infractions, and other incidents (whether mentioned by the referee or not), and deal with Objections and Counter-Objections.”
  • It shall deal with all disputed Adult Transfer Requests.
  • It shall liaise with the County Development Committee regarding the suitability of venues for club championship games.
  • lt shall prepare a summary report on its activities to be submitted to An Rúnaí by the (Date) for inclusion in the annual Convention Booklet.

The County Competitions Control Committee (CCC) shall report to Coiste Bainistí at least twice a year.

Michael McGivern
Seamus McDonagh
Michael Cassidy
Joe Fox
Réamonn Ó Ciaráin
Dessie McDonnell
Jimmy McKee
Fiona McNally
Padraig O’Connor
Michael O’Neill
Liam Ross
Michael Savage

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