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‪Féile Fever hits Clann Eireann

‪Féile Fever hits Clann Eireann

Féile na nGael

Féile fever has once again hit Clann Eireann.  Just two weeks after the young boys and girls respective football teams represented their club and county, the young Clann Eireann Handballers are gearing up for what promises to be a very successful All-Ireland tournament for them.

Playing in Division One, players Alana Doran, Aoibhinn Henderson, Niamh Coleman, Megan McCann and Meabh McMahon will surely fly the club and county flags with great pride as they prepare to compete in the brand new purpose built World Championship courts in the Citywest, County Dublin.

Girls 40×20 Division 1
Venue City West 1


Baile Liam
Clann Éireann
Micheál Breathnach







Team Score

City West 1

Thursday 5 July


Baile Liam V Clann Eireann  

City West 1

Thursday 5 July


Leixlip V Michael Breathnach

City West 1

Friday 6 July


Baile Liam V Leixlip

City West 1

Friday 6 July


Clann Eireann V Michael Breathnach

City West 1

Friday 6 July


Leixlip V Clann Eireann

City West 1

Friday 6 July


Baile Liam V Michael Breathnach






City West 1

Friday 6 July


1st Place V 2nd Place


Competition Rules:

1. Club team of five players in two pairs plus one substitute.

2. Team in order of play to be supplied to the referee before each match. (The order of play may be changed for second or subsequent matches.)

3. Each pair to play one game to 21 aces with a point for each win. First serve is decided on the toss of a coin. The team receiving in the first game will have the first service in the second game.

4. When two or more teams in a group tie on points, the placing is decided on the

total aggregate aces. Where aggregate aces are equal, a play-off to 11 aces between any pair from each side decides the placing.

5. In case of a tie on points in any semi final or final, rules as in 4. apply. First service to be decided on the toss of a coin.

6. In case of a tie in the skills competition, each player will select his or her favourite skill for the tie break.

7. Full playing rules apply in all games.

8. Teams to wear club colours in all matches unless requested to change when colours clash.

The Official Armagh GAA Facebook page will be up-dated throughout the event.

Mol an óige agus tiocfaidh siad.


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